"One of the greatest values of a mentor is the ability to see ahead what the student cannot see and to help navigate them to their destination, with motivation and confidence.”

Lisa has been trained in Microblading over 2 years and is 3x certified in this skill.

 In that time, she has experienced the very best of training and mentoring programmes therefore, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having been taught and mentored by some of the most prestigious trainers in the Industry.

With her Mentoring service, Lisa brings all of her experience to struggling Artists, both in the Uk and abroad, who need help and support, with expert knowledge in:

  • Latex work

  • Brow mapping and shaping

  • Side by side and hands on support with clients

  • Tips and tricks to ensure a smooth and stress free client treatment

  • Achieve better healed results

  • In person and distant learning

  • Social media and website design experience to promote your business

Training can be tailored to suit your needs and can be carried out in person or remotely, via video call discussion, video demonstrations and regular feedback.